Other Funding Sources

Crossroads (South Ayrshire) is proud to Acknowledge the support given by the following Local Authority, Funding & Corporate Organisations. Without their funding and / or donations, the support we provide would be significantly reduced or a significantly higher proportion our charitable funds would have had to be used to support the administration of our charity. Please explore their sites to find out more about how these organisations assist Charities and Not for Profit organisations in our area, and where applicable, world wide.


South Ayrshire Council      South Ayrshire Council
     We are proud to be a supplier of support to South Ayrshire Counil's Carers. Care is funded by South Ayrshire Council and by Crossroads South Ayrshire from our Charitable Funds.
Without the support of South Ayrshire Council the care we provide would be singnificantly reduced.

Microsoft      Microsoft Philanthropies
     Microsoft Supports Charities and Not for profit organisations with donations of Software, Developer Tools and Training. Without this help a significant proportion of our charitable donations would have been needed to support the Administering of our Charity. To find out more please click their Logo or the link above.

The Big Lottery Fund      The Big Lottery Fund Scotland
     We are proud to announce that The Big Lottery Fund has funded the Updating of our IT systems with an fantastic award of 3,355 on 12th December 2016. This has allowed us to replace our aging Server and office workstations, without which our office staff would struggle to provide the our service.
To find out more click their logo or the link above.